Owner allocation form

To start new service on behalf of your tenant, a completed signed authorization form is required prior to executing the Start Service transaction. 除了, signing up for an Owner Allocation Form with PSE ensures that there is no lapse in service and financial responsibility while allowing you to manage your properties online through MyPSE.

In some cases, service may be discontinued without a visit from a PSE representive.

With an Owner Allocation Form, you can use your 网上PSE帐户 to start and stop service for vacant units.

Complete the form below to establish an Owner Allocation Form with PSE.


The property owner/manager agrees to:

  • Pay all energy charges when the unit is vacant
  • Notify PSE of any changes in occupancy
    • It is the responsibility of both the tenant and the property owner/manager to contact us regarding the change.
  • Provide PSE with the new billing address
    • If bills are returned as undeliverable and go unpaid, this agreement will be terminated and the energy service(s) will be scheduled for disconnection.
  • Inform PSE if the property is sold
    • The property owner/manager is responsible for all energy charges until we're notified.
  • Notify PSE immediately of discrepancies regarding tenant move-in or move-out dates

Owner Allocation Form


As shown at the top of your PSE bill.

Property Management/Owner

By checking this box, you acknowledge that you have read, 理解, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

计费 mailing address
Property legal owner

Enter service addresses for additional properties. Enter each additional address on a separate line in the text box below and include: Street Address, Unit Number (if applicable), 州和邮政编码.

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